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anti social social club hoodie

Best Anti Social Social Club T-Shirts to Buy: Slick Surf 👔

Anti Social Social Club tees are pieces of streetwear by a brand that was created in 2015 to highlight challenges caused by mental health issues among people of various ages and backgrounds. That said, this brand appealed particularly to millennials because it enabled them to

brown adidas trainers

4 Men’s Adidas Trainers Under $100: Slick Surf 👔

Adidas creates reliable and high-quality trainers that you can use for different types of activity in the gym. If you use them often, you may have to replace them after every 300 hours of workout time. Now, while that’s important for better support to your

man running

Best Activewear for Men Below Retail: Slick Surf 👔

Activewear differs from sportswear in the sense that the former can be used for exercising and casual wear. On the other hand, sportswear is strictly for providing you maximum flexibility when playing a sport. That doesn’t mean that activewear isn’t important. In fact, it offers

indoor plant next to marshall speakers

The 10 Best Indoor Plants to Buy: Home Hacks 🏠

A quick and simple way to improve the interior décor of your room is to add an indoor plant or two. It brings style, color and life to the room. Pairing it with a cool pot can improve the aesthetics even further. You should think

5 Best Aftershaves for Men in 2021: 9Fiver 💼

Almost all men aspire to get the ‘closest shave’ every time they pick up their razors. The problem is that it’s not easy selecting a good aftershave for men, especially since the market is full of aftershave products. A nice little aftershave can banish the

Best work-from-home outfit ideas

How To Be Stylish While Working From Home: 9Fiver 💼

What to wear while working from home? It’s a question that virtually all of us have asked ourselves at some point or another over the past couple of months. Though working from homes gives you the liberty to ditch formal attire for more comfortable clothes,

guy wearing facemask

Stylish Face Masks that Keep You Safe: Slick Surf 👔

Here at Slick Motive, we like to keep things real. Right now, we’re going through a period of time that I’m sure you’ll agree is “not that fun.” But hey, at least we’re going through it together, in spirit and you can bet your bottom

Best Speakers You Can Buy in 2020: Crib Tech 🏠

If there is one thing we love here at Slick Motive, it’s a banging system to pump our favourite beats through. With a few of us here from a strong collective background in music production and sound engineering, it’s fair to say we know quality