The 10 Best Indoor Plants to Buy: Home Hacks 🏠

indoor plant next to marshall speakers

A quick and simple way to improve the interior décor of your room is to add an indoor plant or two. It brings style, color and life to the room. Pairing it with a cool pot can improve the aesthetics even further. You should think of your plant as a piece of furniture. So, when you’re picking one, make sure that it matches the rest of the interior design.  Here are 10 indoor plants that will level up your home and where to buy them.  

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree

A fiddle-leaf fig tree has a strong stem and wide, leathery leaves on its branches. You should consider this if you have a large window or skylight because this plant requires a lot of sunlight to thrive. Water the plant once a week and more often in winter or dry seasons.

Meyer Lemon Tree 

Credit: Victoria Pearson/Getty Images

As important as the visual improvement an indoor plant brings is, it’s also great when it improves the overall scent in your home. A Meyer lemon tree has an excellent citrus fragrance. 

Amazon Lily

An Amazon lily is a great choice if you want something bright in your home. The plant is dark green but it has large, white flowers. 

Castiron Plant

Credit: Beardsanddaises.co.uk

A Castiron plant is great when you want to cover up empty spaces with lush greens. These plants are relatively easy to look after. 

Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese money place is also called the missionary plant. They have flat and round leaves that are thick, shiny, dark, and leathery. The leaves look a little like pancakes. 

Corn Plant

A corn plant is a low-maintenance plant that can grow quite tall, ranging between four and six feet. It has bright, striped leaves that can cover the corner of the walls, adding a more natural appearance. 

Peruvian Apple Cactus

The Peruvian apple cactus is also another low-maintenance indoor plant. It can help create a dessert-like aesthetic in your room. It has an upright structure that tends to grow in the direction of sunlight. So, make sure to balance its structure out by tilting it every week so that it doesn’t grow in just one direction.  

Snake Plant

As the name suggests, the snake plant looks like a bed of snakes, all facing upward due to the erect sword-like leaves. You could get this indoor plant if you want a visual representation of order and chaos thriving together. 

Kentia Palm

Consider a Kentia palm if you have a large room. These plants’ fronds can grow quite tall, even up to 10 feet. So, this plant will look too imposing in a small room.  

African Spear Plant

The African spear plant has bright, dark green conical leaves that spread in all directions. Its appearance resembles obelisks, spires, and skyscrapers. 

All of these 10 indoor plants that will add style to your home can be used in any way that best suits your room’s appearance and your preferences. So, pick your favorite and care for them well.

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