Best Activewear for Men Below Retail: Slick Surf 👔

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Activewear differs from sportswear in the sense that the former can be used for exercising and casual wear. On the other hand, sportswear is strictly for providing you maximum flexibility when playing a sport. That doesn’t mean that activewear isn’t important. In fact, it offers great comfort and flexibility while working out so that you can get the most of each session. Now, while activewear can be a little expensive, there are some bargain deals on StockX that can help you get some of the best activewear for men below retail prices. So, let’s get into it. All products below are brand new and 100% authentic.

Supreme and Nike Cargo Sweatpants in White

These white cargo sweatpants by a collaboration between Nike and Supreme are on sale for £158 instead of the retail price of £208. Other than the value it offers in terms of branding, it’s also great because it offers a zippable cargo pocket. The price does tend to fluctuate, and some sales have been above retail as well, so buy yours soon.

Reebok Ventilator Trainers

If you want a true bargain on high-quality trainers, then this pair of Reebok Ventilator trainers is just what you need. It has the Bait LA kings design and is priced only at £45, while the retail price is £135. So, there is a difference of almost a hundred pounds. These trainers are lightweight and can provide great support when running or working out. The Hexalite cushioning technology also offers great comfort for casual wear.

Black Tee by Nike and Matthew M. Williams


This black tee created by Nike and Matthew M. Williams, the founder of Alyx, offers an overall comfortable shirt that you can wear in and outside of the gym. The jersey fabric feels light, soft, and smooth. Now, the best part is that this shirt is available at £100 cheaper than the retail price. So, you can get it at £51 instead of the retail of £150.

Red NBA Wristbands by Supreme and Nike

This product is another one of the best activewear for men below retail that’s made through a collaboration between Nike and Supreme. This pair of red NBA wristbands will prevent sweat from getting onto your palms while you exercise, offering you a superior grip in the process. Also, you’ll find the NBA logo along with the Nike and Supreme ones. So, this particular product is only slightly lower than the retail price (£36), as it’s available for £31. If you tend to sweat a lot from your arms, and if it limits your productivity in the gym, then this product is a great solution.

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