The 4 Biggest Home Decor Trends on Instagram: Home Hacks 🏠

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Instagram can be a treasure trove of ideas for anyone who requires a little visual aid to inspire a trail of thoughts. From food trends and fashion tips to interior design ideas and whatnot, this is a platform where people can find the next big thing while merely scrolling through the feed. 

You might not particularly be searching for décor ideas on Instagram. But if you just happened to come across some of the most Instagrammable homes, it can surely make you question the way your space is organized. 

Most guys don’t usually pay too much heed to interiors. And it often shows quite clearly. Look around, do you have Lazy Boy-esque furniture, mismatched pillow covers and bare lightbulbs? Does the place seem like a weird mutation of the old and the new? 

Guilty as charged, are you?

If you feel like your space needs retouching but aren’t sure how to go about it, how about starting with the most trending Instagram home décor ideas?

Don’t worry about scouring the platform. We have done most of the leg work for you to identify the biggest interior design trends on Instagram. 

Low Beds

Trending IG page: the_wood_house is a home design account that focuses on mid-century modern architecture.

The bed is the visual centerpiece of every bedroom. But it doesn’t have to be the only one. As a skilled interior designer famously said,  get low. Okay, Lil Jon isn’t a designer but you get the point.

See, the thing is, when you keep the bed low, the room opens up. It looks a little bigger and a lot more stylish. To enhance the spacious feel even further, keep the nightstands, dresser, and other furnishings like a chair or lounger in the bedroom at a similar height. 

Under-the-Bed Rugs

Trending IG page: solorugs is a must-visit online store selling exclusive handcrafted luxury rugs.

Large floor rugs are the perfect accompaniment to ground-hugging bedroom furniture. A statement-sized area rug or carpet not only saves you from cold shocks when you step out of the bed in the morning but also keeps floor gunk from being tracked into the sheets. Simple patterns and dull colors work best in most settings but there’s no need to worry about the design too much as the bed will hide most of it anyway.

House Plants

Trending IG page: 123planten, though there are over 5 million posts for #houseplants, this one stands out for its clean aesthetics with a masculine touch.

Even if you don’t have a strong penchant for design, houseplants are the one thing you should absolutely consider. They create a lively atmosphere that energizes the whole place. Plus, you can’t deny the health benefits of houseplants. From improving mood to reducing fatigue to boosting productivity and more; houseplants make the interior, and, in turn, you, feel more alive. 

Geometric Patterns

Trending IG page: sabinelamet_interior_feed. Featuring lined rugs, grid mirrors, round cushions, square tables, and cylindrical fireplaces are some of the main geometric elements that make a trendy living room.

Be it wall paintings, light fixtures, sofa prints, curtains, or anything of the sort, geometric patterns have become an extremely common feature among various kinds of modern home furnishings. Their clean lines and sharp edges make it easy to weave that aesthetic throughout the space, thus, making it perfect for giving your home a neat and uniform look. Search for interior design on Instagram and you are likely to find some geometric print or accessory in most of the home décor images. 

End Note

Most men have a vision for what their living space should look like. But the creative energy is usually spent on cars, clothes, and tech items only. Now that we have been staying indoors more than ever, you might feel like the design and layout of your place is actually worthy of your attention too. As we said, looking up Instagram home décor can be the easiest way to get inspiration for remodeling your place. We hope that in the aforementioned Instagram home décor ideas, you found something suitable for your design palate. 

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