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men with weights at the gym

4 Gym Essentials for Men: Slick Surf πŸ‘”

If you are a newcomer at the gym, you might be wondering what men carry in their gym bags. The items may differ based on the individual. However, some gyms essentials, such as men’s activewear, are consistent. Whether you are into weight lifting, 5K training,

white gym shoes and barbell

How to Choose Gym Shoes: Slick Surf πŸ‘”

The right type of gym shoes prevent injuries during workout sessions and help you maximize performance. So, you must choose shoes that are designed for the specific type of training, and they should fit you well. If you’re looking to purchase your shoes online, make

man running

Best Activewear for Men Below Retail: Slick Surf πŸ‘”

Activewear differs from sportswear in the sense that the former can be used for exercising and casual wear. On the other hand, sportswear is strictly for providing you maximum flexibility when playing a sport. That doesn’t mean that activewear isn’t important. In fact, it offers