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Top 4 DAWs for Afrobeat Music Production: Music Tech 💻

With the rise in popularity of Afrobeat Music, Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) for Afrobeat music production, have also increased in demand.  There are many DAWs available today to choose from, but those who are dedicated to Afrobeat music production deserve the best of the best. 

Moving homes

Best Places in the United States to Live in: Block Smart 🏡

What makes the perfect hometown for people? Some factors that people consider very carefully include affordable living, job opportunities, schooling, and happy residents. We have compiled a list of the best cities to live in the USA according to factors like the cost of living,

List of upcoming movies

3 Movies We Can’t Wait to Watch: Slick Watchlist 🎬

2020 was mostly quiet for the entertainment industry. But that doesn’t mean everything was still behind the curtain. Despite the lockdowns and tumult of the pandemic, directors and actors have been doing what they do, and we have seen proof of that in some of