How Trevor Noah Is an Inspiration to Struggling Men: Brain Bread 🍞

Sometimes, our appreciation for a celebrity can overlook some of the challenges they underwent to reach stardom. While some are offered opportunities relatively readily due to networking, many celebrities struggle for months or years before they get their break. Comedian and Author, Trevor Noah is one of the latter. Trevor is of South African origin but is now an extremely popular face in the comedy scene as an award-winning comedian and the host of the Daily Show. Learning a bit about this man’s past can help offer some inspiration to struggling men to help encourage them to also pursue their dreams amid the challenges. 

A Look into Trevor Noah’s Past 

Trevor is mixed-raced, being born to a black mother and a white father. What complicated this matter further was that he was born during the apartheid in South Africa, racial segregation that did not allow civil rights for black people. Thus, his birth was a crime; consequently, he wasn’t allowed outdoors to help prevent others from knowing about his existence (during the years the apartheid persisted). 

In addition to that, he also lived in a modest household in a poor neighborhood where everyone was in similar situations. Nevertheless, he wanted to give his dream a go.

Trevor’s Breakthrough

Trevor Noah got his big break in the South African entertainment industry when he was 18 years old, starring in the soap opera Isidingo. He then shifted to hosting a radio show called Noah’s Ark. The man continued that way until he eventually landed a job on the American TV program, The Daily Show.

What We Can Take Away from Trevor’s Story

Right off the bat, we can comfortably say that Trevor is a self-aware man. Despite his challenging circumstances, he continued to believe that he had the potential to rise and achieve what he wanted. He displayed a level of perseverance that can inspire us to reach the goals we want to accomplish. It’s undeniably inspiring that he also managed to bring his success to another country. 

What makes him even more intriguing is that he consistently highlights the situation of where he grew up and his experience as a racial minority. This helps understand the level of challenges people have had to face or continue to face. Therefore, he is confident in who he is and clearly also proud of it. So, we can also take that as a lesson to be comfortable with who we are. If you can accept who you are (based on your experiences and heritage), you will move one step closer to becoming a confident man. 

Last Few Words

While Trevor Noah can certainly be an inspiration to struggling men, there are several other celebrities out there with remarkable stories. So, if you ever find anyone of interest, consider reading up on their stories because you may find a source for some helpful inspiration. 

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