Stylish Face Masks that Keep You Safe: Slick Surf 👔

Here at Slick Motive, we like to keep things real. Right now, we’re going through a period of time that I’m sure you’ll agree is “not that fun.” But hey, at least we’re going through it together, in spirit and you can bet your bottom dollar that we’ll get through this crazy puzzle of a pandemic together. 

As we spend our days working from home, in our hip hop styled cribs or getting into super-hero shape, it is important, now more than ever to put safety at the top of our priority list. Not just our safety, but that of our families as well. Because, if you’re a real man, that’s moral responsibility, just like decency, empathy, good humor and common sense.  

We’re here to tell you that in these times of endless Zoom conferences, a pandemic, broken politics, forest fires, and did we mention a raging pandemic, the best way to stay safe, is to wear a friggin mask when you go outside. You know, that strip of fabric with a couple of strings, or as others call it, “our last hope to stop the spread of COVID19.” Do the opposite of Future’s “Mask Off” and put one on.

Oh, what’s that? You wanna look good too? We get it. It’s not to everyone’s taste to walk around in a surgeon’s mask. Upgrade the look man, check out some of the latest facemask options to cop. These will keep you looking stylish but safe. 

Facemasks from Ralph Steadman

“There’s no such thing as a mistake, really. It’s just an opportunity to do something else.”

If you know this quote, you’ve been in good company. Ralph Steadman is a Welsh illustrator who is best known for his collaborations with American gonzo writer Hunter S. Thompson. At 84, and still going strong, Steadman has designed a line of exclusive face masks that offer layers of protection with a personal touch.  The gonzo face mask is form-fitting and breathable and comes with adjustable ear loops for extra comfort.

Graf Lantz Regular Zenbu Organic Cotton Face Mask

This isn’t your ordinary drugstore face mask. Made from organic cotton, this one-cut design helps keep dust and pathogens at bay. The organic cotton fabric makes this the ideal choice for those who experience regular flare-ups and want to prevent the dreaded mask-ne. 

The Adidas Face Cover

Adidas, that giant in sports fashion was one of the first to introduce designer face masks during the early days of the pandemic. The sleek, minimalist design soon became a popular choice for those looking for face coverings with an added cool factor. Sold in black and blue, and sporting the prominent Adidas logo, these facemasks flew off shelves, and haven’t been seen for the past three months. For those who wanted to get their hands on one, the good news is, Adidas announced that the coveted Adidas Face Cover is back in stock and available to order, for now. So, act fast. 

The Huckberry Face Mask

The Merino wool mask by Huckberry is made from soft, lightweight fabric, is incredibly breathable and features moisture-wicking properties. It also has elastic straps that make it stay put while you’re about your business and its design keeps your glasses from fogging. Sure, there are many other options, but if you want a face mask that was branded “2020’s hottest accessory,” then this one should be right up your alley. 

Lucky for you, the face mask that once had a 4,000-person waiting list is now back in stock (after being sold out six times since the Coronavirus outbreak). The brand’s even come up with two new colors! But more importantly, Huckberry has pledged to donate 10% of all proceeds to the Opportunity Fund’s Small Business Relief Fund to support small business owners who are going through economic hardships due to the pandemic. 

Project Rock UA SPORTSMASK by Under Armour 

Want to have pure coolness drooling from your face. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson recently launched his own line of face masks designed specifically for athletes. The reusable face mask is part of the Project Rock athletic apparel line by Under Armour and has some pretty impressive specs as well as a sleek design that makes you look good in and outside the gym easily. 

Sporting the hard-to-miss Brahma Bull logo, this three-layer face mask with stretchy side panels and an adjustable nose bridge has already become the top-selling item from the Project Rock lineup. It is also washable, which means you get to enjoy that smoldering look for longer. 

The Rock, who recently battled (and layeth the smackdown) on COVID’s candy ass has been a strong proponent of wearing a mask. So, if you’re not wearing one already, we just have one question for you, “Do you smell what the Rock is cookin?”.


If you’re all about function, vanity be damned, then how about the HALOmask, which was deployed in the streets of Australia during the raging forest fires, and Bali when those volcanoes erupted. The manufacturer, HALOLIFE uses proprietary nano filter technology in this bad boy that keeps out just about everything from pollen to smog, odors and pathogens with an accuracy rate of 99% at 0.1 microns. Pretty darn cool. 

Ending Note

Sure, we’re in the thick of a pandemic; a real corker of a Coronavirus. But, that’s no excuse to put your life on hold, or act reckless (like not wear a mask). Whether you’re hitting the gym (if they’ve opened in your neighborhood), or you’re out high fiving pine trees out in nature, get that mask on.

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