5 Styling Tips to Learn from Tom Hardy: Swag Surf 👔

Whether he’s stepping in a suit and waistcoat on the catwalk or throwing on a leather jacket during his downtime, Tom Hardy is one of the few men who wield the power to make both men and women a little jealous of his awe-inspiring masculinity. If you could embody power and masculinity in two words, it would be “Tom Hardy.” He has the uncanny ability to rock just about dressing style. It’s about how you wear clothes than what you wear. Here are five styling tips you can learn from this great British icon.

1.     Finding the Best Fit

All your clothing should fit your specific body type, regardless of the event. This is the basic stuff that tends to get ignored by so many men. The main reason why Tom rocks every outfit is that it is designed specifically for him. Know what your limits are, but never adapt to a piece of clothing. Let it adapt to your needs.

2.     Shearling Coats

Shearling coats are a stylish and luxurious means of staying warm in the winter. They don’t get too much attention these days, but they can add a ton of flair to your persona. These coats are a staple of Tom Hardy’s wardrobe. You could marry teal jeans with your shearling jacket to show off your style. Complement this look with brown leather Chelsea boots to completely spruce up your outfit.

Here’s our recommendation for a Shearling Jacket.

3.     Know What the Event is

If you’ve ever paid close attention to Tom Hardy’s clothes captured by the unyielding cameras of the paparazzi, it would be this: Tom is intimately familiar with the delicate line between the business look and the casual one. He has developed an acute sense of awareness for whatever the event calls for. Picking up cues about the occasion or event will go a long way in helping you impress the crowd.

Once you’ve figured out all that there is to know about the event, you can then build on your outfit with accessories that can make a good impression on the crowd, such as a decent pocket watch or a tie.

4.     The Mixed-Up Three-Piece Suit

While it looks effortless when Hardy does it, this look requires much more thought than randomly combining items from your wardrobe. The key is in the materials and the tone, and the general rule of thumb is to keep all the materials the same (cottons with cotton, tweeds with tweeds), and that neutral shades of white, grey, or beige should be paired with bolder colors.

5.     Learning How to Dress Casual

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – SEPTEMBER 21: Actor Tom Hardy attends the ‘Venom’ photocall at Zaryadie park on September 21, 2018 in Moscow, Russia. (Photo by Oleg Nikishin/Epsilon/Getty Images)

Most men dread the weekends because they’re unaware how to transition from the staple uniform to something more casual. Tom Hardy knows that weekend (or time off from work) is the perfect time to experiment with your style and see what fits best. Casual clothing is all about what make you comfortable instead of tight-fitting pieces. Sometimes, all you need are a pair of comfortable jeans and a soft t-shirt and call it a day – like Tom Hardy.

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