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confident black man in grey suit

How to Become a More Confident Man: Mind Level Up πŸ”₯

Becoming a confident man is a process that requires consistent effort. You constantly have to change your thinking about yourself, and you need to try to believe in yourself when it comes to decision-making. Of course, this process comes with its own unique challenges. Well,

How Kendrick Lamar Stays Humble: Brain Bread 🍞

On March 21, 2017, the rapper Kendrick Lamar released a single titled Stay Humble, which has become a hit since then. Currently, the official music video has over 841 million views. There’s no doubt that many people resonated with the songwriting and also were thoroughly

Black entrepreneur

5 Things We Can Learn from African Entrepreneurs: Mind Level Up πŸ”₯

There have been many African entrepreneurs who, through their consistent determination and ingenuity, have made names for themselves in the international spheres of their respective industries. Regardless of what those industries are, many aspiring entrepreneurs can learn a few things from these dope individuals.Β  Africa