5 Essential Suit Colours That Every Man Should Own: Slick Surf 👔


Having a considerable range of suits for professional and personal use is great for keeping your style fresh every time. That said, suits are quite expensive, and buying multiple of them can cost you a small fortune. In addition to that, our bodies are constantly changing.

So, sometimes, some suits may not fit us properly after some time. Well, there is a solution: keeping your closet stocked with only 5 essential suit colours. These are colours that we believe every man should own, and we’ll explain why in this article. 

Essential Suit Colours That Every Man Should Own

These are 5 suit colours that you absolutely should have in your closet if you’re a man. I’ll explain below. First, here are the colours:

  1. Black
  2. Navy 
  3. Grey (preferably light grey)
  4. Tan 
  5. Brown

Why Pick These Suit Colours 

The reasons for choosing these suit colours over others are listed below.

They Are Neutral Colours

As they are neutral colours, you can wear a variety of shirts and shoes with these suits and still look great. Even colourful shirts will look great on any of these suits, be it plain shirts or those with patterns. As a result, you can really expand your style without needing to have many clothing items in your closet to keep your style fresh every time you go out. 

They Can Be Combined Easily with Each Other 

You’ll notice that all of these suit colours can combine well with each other. By that, I mean that you could wear your tan jacket over your black trousers, for example. It can make for a more casual appearance that can work well in day settings.

They offer a Good Balance of Light and Dark Colours 

You don’t want to make your style feel one-dimensional. So, these essential suit colours feature a great balance of light and dark colours. In addition to that, because they combine well with each other, they also can be used to balance out your style of light and dark colours at a given time.

For example, you could wear a light grey jacket over your navy trousers. That way, you won’t have to stick with only dark or only bright colours. 

Increase Your Style’s Range with More Shirts and Shoes 

The shirts and shoes you wear with your suits can completely transform each suit’s appearance. So, get a range of light and dark-coloured shirts and shoes to mix things up. Ties are also a great way to bring freshness to your style. 

Final Words

Whether you want to dress well and look good for yourself or for others is up to you. However, what it does do in either situation is help improve your overall confidence in yourself. Dressing well enables you to feel like you look like the part that you want to play or achieve. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with these essential suit colours, varying the colours of your shirts, shoes, and belts as well. 

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