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List of upcoming movies

2020 was mostly quiet for the entertainment industry. But that doesn’t mean everything was still behind the curtain. Despite the lockdowns and tumult of the pandemic, directors and actors have been doing what they do, and we have seen proof of that in some of the greatest movies – from The Grudge to Cherry – that have been released so far. 

As theatres and cinemas are looking forward to reopening their shuttered doors, we are guessing you are eager for a movie night. So, here’s a list of upcoming movies, including both previously delayed releases and new films, that you should mark on your calendar.

No Time to Die

2ADK8AA James Bond (Daniel Craig) prepares to shoot in NO TIME TO DIE (2019), a DANJAQ and Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures film. Photo Credit: Nicole Dove / MGM / The Hollywood Archive

Being the 25th instalment in the world-famous James Bond film series, No Time to Die is perhaps the most highly anticipated upcoming movie of the year. Daniel Craig reprises his role as the vigilante MI6 agent in what is probably his last tour. Bond’s retirement in the Caribbean Islands is cut short as one of his old friends, Felix Leiter (played by Jeffrey Wright) calls for help. In the events that unfold, Bond comes to face a masked villain with access to high-end technology that can potentially see the deaths of millions. 

The film is set to release on October 8, 2021. 

Black Widow

C85M8X THE AVENGERS 2012 MVLFFLLC/Marvel Enterprises film with Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow

Black Widow has been enjoying its sweet spot on the list of upcoming movies since early 2020. However, its release won’t be postponed for the fourth time, hopefully.

If you don’t already know the storyline of this film, here’s a brief overview. Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson) is forced to confront a treacherous conspiracy related to her past. Alone, she must deal with the aftermath of her life as a spy and all that she did long before becoming an Avenger. That’s all we will say.

Sitting atop the Marvel upcoming movies list 2021, the long-awaited Black Widow is scheduled for theatrical release on July 9, 2021.

A Quiet Place II

A Quiet Place II first premiered in NYC on March 8, 2020. While it was set to be released in September last year, it was postponed due to the reinforced strictness in lockdowns. The film picks up where the first movie ended – the Abbott family trying to survive in silence from monstrous creatures that hunt by sound. However, things take in interesting turn as they realize that these sound-sensitive creatures are not the only threats lurking outside. 

A Quiet Place II was released on May 28, 2021.

Ready. Set. Stream

2020 was a very happening year, to say the least. Protests against racial injustice, Australian wildfires, a historic US presidential election, Beirut blast, Prince Harry breaking away from the Royal Family, a looming threat of WW3, not to mention the COVID-19 pandemic – the world saw a lot. If a movie was made documenting these all these events, it sure is going to be epic, for lack of a better word. 

However, let’s leave it at that. We have had enough of real-life drama over the past 12 months. As things are gradually returning to normal, it’s time to take a break and entertain yourself with some good ol’ Hollywood action. So, get ready and plan ahead to watch these films on the list of upcoming movies


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