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The RAP Gods Deity: A in the Artist 🖌

With a permanent residency on a wall in many homes housing a teenager, the Rap Gods posters fast became urban culture classics. However, whilst most of us can reminisce about times we tested our not so clued-up friends and family on the names of the

Books by Lecrae, Jamel Shabbaz & More: Urban Library 📚

This week SA takes a look at three books to enhance your Urban Library across all three lifestyle categories. Unashamed So I was first introduced to Lecrae by my late sister, whom by the way knew nothing about hip-hop but liked the positive message in

SADEVILLAIN – Beauty and the Beast: The Collab Lab 🔗

Some combinations are unassumingly a match made in heaven like peanut butter and bacon or broccoli and cheetos (try it, seriously it will blow your mind). On this occasion, a crazy alien going by the name of seanh2k11 played master chef with God-like vision and