District 9, Memento, Pulp Fiction and more: Indie Watchlist 🎬

If you are trying to find a creative, independent film with a great story line and very believable actors, this is the shortlist for you! Our life lessons, top films and book reviews content all sits within our entertainment section, to help entertain and inform our loyal readers.

For this week’s Indie Watchlist, I’ve picked out some of the best independent films to ever hit the big screen. Grab some snacks, put on your comfortable garms and make sure to check out these top picks below:

District 9 (2009)

8 / 10 – IMDB
4 / 5 – Slick Motive Score
Director: Neill Blomkamp
Starring: Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope, David James

The trailer speaks for it’s self. Set in a post-alien invaded Earth landscape, with a dedicated area in South Africa to separate aliens from the humans, this film will stop you from wanting to blink so that you don’t miss any of the action. Definitely a must watch film since β€œthere are a lot of secrets in district 9”.

Pulp Fiction (1994)

8.9 / 10 – IMDB
4.5 / 5 – Slick Motive Score
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Starring: John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson

The first time I saw this film, I was pretty amazed with how unique the style and plot was compared to every other film I’ve seen. The lives of a gangster’s wife, two mob hit men, a boxer and a pair of diner bandits intertwine in different stories of violence and redemption.

Arguably one of the most referenced independent films of the 21st century, Pulp Fiction is brilliant at delivering comedy, excitement, fear and suspense, which is something that Quentin Tarantino has mastered in the majority of his films.

Memento (2000)

8.5 / 10 – IMDB
4.5 / 5 – Slick Motive Score
Director: Christian Nolan
Starring: Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano

What I really love about this film is that Christian Nolan structures the story in a way that continually keeps you guessing what is going to happen next. Leonard (Guy Pearce) is hunting down the man who murdered his wife but due to suffering from a untreatable form of memory loss, he finds it extremely difficult to remember all of the clues he finds. Ingeniously, he decides to use tattoos and notes to try and help him locate the killer and seek revenge.

Coherence (2013)

7.2 / 10 – IMDB
4 / 5 – Slick Motive Score
Director: James Ward Byrkit
Starring: Maury Sterling, Nicholas Brendon, Emily Baldoni

Who thought a gathering of friends for a relaxing dinner combined with quantum physics could be the main plot for such a gripping film. Although it starts a little bit slow, this film is well worth the build up as the actors pull us into a very immersive watch.

12 Years A Slave (2013)

8.1 / 10 – IMDB
4 / 5 – Slick Motive Score
Director: Steve McQueen
Starring: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, Lupita Nyong’o, Brad Pitt

Chiwetel Ejiofor delivers a compelling and brilliant performance to portray what prejudice and torment black people have historically gone through in America. The plot is based on a free black man from upstate New York, who gets abducted and sold into slavery. Chiwetel really highlights how being determined, physically tough, mentally tough and having your wits about you was key to staying alive in those times. Great watch for anyone that is interested in black history in the US.

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