The Sonos Audio System: Crib Tech 🏠

Sonos Audio Systems are hands down one of the best speaker systems out there but once you start going up the product line purchasing ladder, these bad-boys start to get a little pricey. However as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for” and in our opinion their premium products are well worth the investment! Here are 5 reasons why Slick Motive recommend a Sonos Audio System for your crib:

Customisation and expansion: Connect multiple speakers simultaneously
The Sonos product line is quite diverse and allows you to mix and match multiple speakers, to build a system that fulfils your individual needs. So although one speaker can look cool on your book shelf and quench your bass thirst, things start to get interesting when you add one or more speakers to the system. For instance, two or more speakers in the same room can be set up in stereo, enabling multi-directional audible perspectives.

This can make Rick Ross sound like he shouted “huh” from your basement whilst dropping a hard 16 in your face ‘at the same damn time’.  This type of feature is pretty basic from most two speaker systems but Sonos excelled smart engineering for the hardware and software, that can automatically alter the speaker’s EQ. It does this based on your room acoustics to create the best sound possible. If the speakers are placed in separate rooms, you can also play the same track or different tracks in each room, adjusting the speaker volume and EQ to your taste.

Smart control: Everyone at your party is a DJ
If you are hosting a party with friends or simply a get together with family, anyone can FULLY control the system via a smart phone app. Therefore, no need to take song requests! Anyone with the app can just cue up their banger to play next or to play at the end of the queue. However, if your friends are sheisty they might just cut off your jam half way so be warned. There is even a function to save the playlist just played, which is handy to recreate the good times another day. Sonos also drop regular free updates with cool features and incremental changes via the Sonos App available from major app platforms to ensure your system stays ahead of the tech game.

 A variety of selections: Play whatever you want exactly when you want to
As music enthusiasts, Slick Motive understands having access to awesome bangers on your fingertips is crucial. Take for instance you have accounts with Tidal, Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music and Tunein Radio, these can all be linked to your Sonos system. The ease of simultaneously searching for an artist, song, album or playlist you feel like, across multiple platforms, makes selecting music child’s play.

Portability: Almost wireless
Every Sonos speaker is almost wireless except for one flat power cable running into the speaker. Bear in mind Sonos speakers work via a WIFI connection so there is no Bluetooth connectivity which means you can still receive calls and the music will still play in the background? Another advantage of WIFI connectivity is also that the system does not require your device to be operational therefore no more draining your battery and you can even turn off your device.

Whilst the entire Sonos collection is mad sick. Check out some of our favourite and must have products from the line below:

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