Contemporary Apartments, A Modern Lifestyle: Home Hacks 🏠

Our aim in this article is to inspire you to make your Su-Casa the ultimate palace without hurting your pocket. All the furniture in this article can be sourced economically from most high street decors out there like IKEA, therefore, there is no excuse to live in derelict conditions ?

A quick dive into the stats, according to Prnewswire the home decor market is expected to reach 500 billion by 2020 and of course a contributing segment in this industry young adults; who are keen to get on the property ladder.

With a lot of people investing in studio apartments to rent out on Airbnb, Zoopla or Rightmove the creativity of making your property appeal to the end user relies on you, so get creative! Further below, we have fused different styles of apartments from people of all walks of life, which means you are bound to find an idea to implement on your investment, to increase its aesthetic value ??

Smart utilisation of space pad   

The best Studio apartment decorating ideas 

A great contribution from daily.dose.of.luxury, to describe this Su-Casa in one word,  we would say DOPE! This is such a smart way to utilise a smaller area habitable for individuals or love birds, seeking an adventure inside your own home. We admire the hammock upstairs but its open plan location is not for the light-hearted ?

Industrially themed studio apartment

The best Studio apartment decorating ideas 

Veredkadouri showcase this interior with an architectural and luxurious feel to it. A typical bachelor’s apartment and if you host a party, you are guaranteed fewer breakages in the aftermath. The metallic black, white and grey colour scheme throughout with solid wood flooring is too clean!

Simplistic but modern

The best Studio apartment decorating ideas 

What designreader loves about this space is the separation between bed and living room. The implementation of small tables instead of a traditional big coffee table creates an illusion of the room appearing much more spacious and cosy!

All that glitters is not gold!

A bookworm will certainly dig this one, look at the lighting in an all-white and a touch of the red theme. If sparks and shine is your bread and butter then this is a winner, a great contribution from brmagazineec

Stunning rustic lifestyle

Thanks to la_vida_is_unique for this contribution, we love the balance between the wood effect throughout on the furniture presenting a sense of maturity and durability. The amount of detailing in this decor is mind-blowing and check out the old school record player next to the TV, better have some classic’s such as Bob Marley in that collection! I see this and reminisce trying to DJ on my grandpa’s Technics SL-1200 retro record player (that story did not end well).

The trill pad 

The best Studio apartment decorating ideas 

A great introduction by designreader this is a great design apartment with a sense of playful and uniqueness. Having a bed that low, makes you feel as if you have floor-to-ceiling windows, a very creative integration. Notice the projector on the ceiling and speakers nicely tuck-in from both corners so there’s no need for a tv cabinet!

Netflix and Chill Pad

This apartment from lucyjwhitehouse has to come with a Netflix account because all I can see happening in this Su-Casa is Netflix and super-chilling. If your lighting in the living room is not great then torchiere floor lamps are the way forward. This apartment radiates great lighting from the wide window which is way better for your pocket than forking out for expensive lighting – dope Su-Casa design!

That is it in this edition of Su-Casa, we hope these apartments have inspired you to put spruce up your urban pad.

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