3 Top Headphones for Audiophiles: Crib Tech 🏠

There are thousands of headphones out there, each boasting a number of handy features such as Bluetooth connectivity and breathable ear pads. But while these features may suffice the ‘average’ music aficionada, individuals with more selective tastes, specifically, the audiophile will judge the headphone based purely on its merits.

In this guide, we’ll explore the best headphones in the market, with an exclusive focus on audiophiles who really know how to enjoy their music.

Ultrasone Tribute 7 Audiophile Headphone

Image courtesy of www.synthax.co.uk

This one of a kind headphone strikes the perfect balance between audio quality and luxury. These headphones are relatively bulky but comfortable because of their Ethiopian long-haired sheep leather ear buds that make for a snug fit. Furthermore, the highly durable ear cups are made of aircraft grade aluminum.

Before we get ahead of ourselves discussing their bells and whistles, let’s get cut straight into the meat of the matter – the sound quality of these headphones is phenomenal. Ultrasound uses their S-Logic Plus technology to provide a unique spatial sound you won’t get elsewhere.


⦁ Oak ear cups (very high quality)
⦁ Aircraft grade ear cups (won’t break easy)
⦁ Unique spatial sound quality


⦁ Not wireless
⦁ A bit bulky

Sennheiser HD 650 Open Back Professional headphone

Image courtesy of www.musicphotolife.com

It’s no surprise that Sennheiser made it to this list, they do offer some of the best headphones on the market. The HD 650 is no exception to this rule. They are smoother and warmer than comparable open-back headphones with much deeper bass. It should be noted that the highs are slightly suppressed compared to other headphones in the market.
They utilize acoustic silk for precision damping over all frequencies, boasting a THD (total harmonic distortion) of 0.05%, a truly impressive number that will get any audiophile’s attention.


⦁ The incredibly low THD
⦁ Deep, solid, and tight sound quality
⦁ Ear cups that will seal your ears


⦁ Not wireless (if that matters to you)
⦁ Can be expensive (you get what you pay for)

Grado 1000e Dynamic Open Air Stereo Headphone

Image courtesy of www.unilet.net

These wooden ear cups are hand-crafted using mahogany. Why mahogany? This material is the default choice of expert musicians because it offers a rich, warm sound. Plus, it’s light on the ears too. The broad frequency response of the GS 1000e Statement deserves special mention here with an incredible range from 8 to 35,000 Hertz. It sounds just like it would in a live performance. The GS 1000e reproduces sound at incredibly accurate qualities at higher volumes thanks to the sound pressure level which is 1mW at 99.8 decibels.
To get the best possible experience, make sure to utilize a quality amplifier and DAC


⦁ Accurate sound quality
⦁ Mahogany tone-wood parts
⦁ Large ear cups that snugly fit around your ear


⦁ You won’t be isolated from outside noise



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