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Celebrities can be inspirational to people all over the world, and Don Cheadle is no exception. While this actor, who starred in several movies, including the Marvel films, has certainly made a name for himself, there’s one thing about him that is not particularly popular: his ability to make quick decisions. Through one example alone, we’ll explain how crucial it is to become confident men who can make sound decisions to improve your life. Learn more from this inspirational story. 

An Overview of the Example

For those who don’t know, Don Cheadle played the character War Machine in many of the Marvel movies. He replaced the role originally played by another actor after that person left. So, he was informed by his agent about this opportunity while he was at his child’s birthday party. He was given only two hours to decide to take on a deal of 6 motion films. That was about 11 to 12 years of work.

So, to put things in perspective: he had only 2 hours to determine the outcome of the next 12 years of his life. Making such a decision is not easy, especially because there are a lot of risks involved. However, those risks came with tremendous rewards.

What We Can Learn From Don 

Even the most confident men must think long and hard about making such life-changing decisions. However, being a considerably self-aware man (from what we can tell), Don was able to think about what he wanted and trusted himself to make a decision that could help him achieve that. 

The ability to make a decision in little time means being in touch with what you want in your life. You need to be able to effectively know what it is you like and what you want to do. Thus, you can make your choice when an opportunity arises—regardless of how difficult it may be. 

A quality present in confident men is believing in their ability to make sound decisions. So, you can only reach that self-belief after practicing sound decision-making. Thus, with every choice, evaluate the risks and the potential rewards. If the rewards are more significant than the risks, then it may be best to choose to do something new. However, you may not know how high the risks are in some cases. Well, it’s best then to focus on what it is you want, and if making that decision will help you achieve that, then go for it. 

Final Words

Confident decision-making can alter your life in the most dramatic ways. However, it’s a skill that you must take time to develop. You cannot make risky choices and hope to benefit them. You learn from your mistakes and acquire the knowledge on how to evaluate every aspect of your decision beforehand. Remember that you can learn a lot from your mistakes. 

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