Big Punisher feat. Joe – Still Not A Player: Vintage Sound 💽

This time around on Vintage Sound we are having an outlook on an absolute banger (millennial terms) that one song with no wrinkles on it ? Seeing is believing just as a good rhythm is the touch of the soul…

This legendary recognition without a reasonable doubt goes to both Big Punisher (Rip) and Joe Thomas on their collab on the hit song “Still Not A Player” a blend between Pun’s “I’m Not a Player” and Joe’s “Don’t Wanna Be a Player.”

ReminiscingBig Pun was a heavyweight lyricist, arguably Biggie’s calibre and he certainly massacred every verse he spat on. On the other hand, the accomplished soulful vocalist Joseph Lewis Thomas better known as Joe Thomas was and still is brutal with the hooks. Be sure to check out-out his portfolio comprising of a blend of Soul and RnB.

Now what resonates this song as a vintage sound ?  is its addictive sample from Brenda Russell’s A Little Bit of Love (also a banger back in 1979) together with a solid production from Jerome Foster better known as Knobody.  Knobody ironically (hint from the name) does not ring a bell and not very well known but this guy is a musical genius and a great asset in Hip Hop: he produced Jay Z’s “Can’t Knock the Hustle” & Akon’s “Locked Up” both their very first commercial chart singles back then upon which they both built their careers.

Producer Knobody

“Still Not A Player” is certainly timeless, it is still amongst the top played “old skools” in the rotation in urban bars/clubs. This day and age it is all about streaming so whichever streaming platform you are on, be sure to have a playlist created for more classics to come, watch this space ? #VintageSound.

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