Snoop Dogg’s Latest Brand Collaborations: Credit to the OG 👑

Snoop stood on stage

When he’s not DJing a pool party for Levi’s or rolling one out at his private recording studio, the legendary rapper and serial entrepreneur (and marijuana’s most famous advocate) Snoop Dogg can be seen… well, just about everywhere you look these days, collaborating with brands that make a difference.

Beyond D-O-Double G Sandwich

Earlier this year, the rapper was tapped by Dunkin’ Donuts to endorse their limited-edition meat-free sandwich, the ‘Beyond D-O-Double G Sandwich.’ The new addition to Dunkin’ Donuts’ menu was inspired by the rapper’s interest in plant-based protein sources and his obsession with glazed donuts. The idea for this collab probably was because Snoop Dogg is also an investor and brand ambassador of Beyond Meat, an LA-based producer of plant-based meat substitutes. While you could only order the limited edition sandwich till January 19, the plant-based Snoop taste still has those who tried it licking their fingers. Totally worth the 480 calories.

Just Eat

Snoop recently agreed to switch up Just Eats jingle and appear in their advert which went viral and was a huge success. Contrary to popular belief, the investment of $5 million for Snoop to collaborate with them, definitely paid off with the ad really resonating with a new audience. The Just Eat YouTube channel has around 12,000 subscribers but the viral advert collaboration managed to gain over 10,000,000 views and is now their main jingle for future ads as well.

19 Crimes Wine

19 Crimes Wine has signed a partnership with Snoop Dogg. The Australian-based wine brand has signed a multi-year partnership with the rap legend turned wine connoisseur, who’s responsible for such hits as “Gin and Juice,” which is fitting since the rapper was the inspiration for the brand. The campaign kicked off this summer with the launch of the brand’s first California wine, aptly named Snoop Cali Red, and flew off shelves faster than a one-hitter on Snoop’s nightstand. 

The allure is understandable; the line has been inspired by the convicts-turned-colonists who built Australia and spiced up by a legendary performer whose been portrayed his whole career as a rule-breaker, culture-creator, newsmaker, Huge Baker, and avid toker of that sweet, sweet cheeba purp.


Thanks to the partnership with Snoop Dogg, the spread of Corona has been strong (the beer, not the virus). The brand rolled out their new campaign, “La Vida Mas Fina,” which translates to “living the fine life,” and have released several commercials to help blow wind up their marketing efforts. But, it wasn’t until a tease on Snoop Doggy Dog’s Instagram account issued the ultimatum, and just like that, the campaign took off like the rush of Snoop’s stash through the pulmonary blood-brain barrier. But, enough science talk.

In the promotional ad on Instagram, the rapper can be seen keeping it real while epitomizing cool at the beach as he extols upon us mere mortals the virtues of easy living like only this cultural icon can. Damn. Now I want what that dude’s smoking and drinkin!

And, that’s the whole idea.

New Album Announcement

Apart from his fondness for “recreational herbs” and making up words that end with “izzle,” the star of the grossly under-rated flick ‘Soul Plane’ (Netflix that izzle!) also likes to exercise his medulla from time to time by singing a slew of not-your-conventional-long-songs about the joys of smoking weed, thumping paps and throwing epic street parties. The new album is titled “Take it from A G” and drops this December! 

Ending Note

Jokes aside, similar to being a rapper, running a business is all about creating relationships. These relationships are key to the success of any business. As in, you never know when a familiar face could end up becoming a partner or a spokesperson for your cause down the line. Keeping connections from the heart and providing them with value is vital to any brand. And the one thing we know is, The Doggfather is a brand that’s all about heart. Whether it’s the Snoop Youth Football League, which he founded in 2005 for inner-city kids in California, or co-hosting the Athletes vs. Cancer Celebrity Flag Football game, this gangsta rap troubadour (and licensed football coach) is all about heart and believes in the change a good person with the right platform (his platform) can bring to their community and to the world.

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