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5 Styling Tips to Learn from Tom Hardy: Swag Surf πŸ‘”

Whether he’s stepping in a suit and waistcoat on the catwalk or throwing on a leather jacket during his downtime, Tom Hardy is one of the few men who wield the power to make both men and women a little jealous of his awe-inspiring masculinity.

Best Jacket Types for Men: Slick Surf πŸ‘”

A man’s swag is defined by his choice of jacket, we have researched the historic, current and upcoming trends in men’s style to give our readers the decision making insights needed when choosing a new men’s jacket. Read our breakdown of the history and key

Picking That Signature Scent: 9Fiver πŸ’Ό

Picking a great scent is an intimate and perhaps a confidence driver for a gentΒ at work. With all the hard work done for you, the pieces compiled in this article tick all 3 the boxes on longevity, great scent & value for money. As you