How to Match a Tie to a Shirt and Look Great: Slick Surf 👔

A confident man in a blue suitYour style communicates a lot about your personality to others. Thus, how you dress during business-related situations can be crucial to the impression you make on others. Positive first impressions can go a long way in establishing your professional network. So, one way to make your style stand out is to know how to make your tie match your shirt perfectly. Thus, here’s a quick guide on how to match a tie to a shirt to help ensure you look your best during formal and semi-formal occasions. 

A Guide on How to Match a Tie to a Shirt

You can choose safe options. However, those may make your style seem bland, which may also prevent you from getting the attention you may deserve. On the other hand, bold combinations are effective to look and feel like a confident man. Here are various options based on what’s safe and bold. 

The Safe Options 

Your safest option is to pair a solid tie (i.e., just one colour) with a solid shirt. You can choose similar colours or different tints of a similar colour (for example, you could match a lilac shirt with a dark purple tie). You could also have completely contrasting solid colours. For example, you could match a light yellow shirt with a navy tie. 

The More Exciting Options

These options are not boring and help you make your style more interesting to others around you. The simplest way to go about these options is to wear a solid tie with a patterned shirt or the other way around. You should bring continuity with your style by ensuring that at least one colour matches your shirt and tie. However, that doesn’t have to be the case with white shirts. 

The Boldest Options

To truly make your style stand out, you should match a patterned tie with a patterned shirt. This route can be tricky to get right, but when you know what to look out for, you won’t need to worry. 

You must, therefore, keep some rules of contrast in mind. These rules include:

  • Ensuring that at least one colour matches your shirt and tie
  • Make sure there is contrast in size when the pattern styles between the shirt and tie are the same (for example, a small checkered shirt with a tie with large checks)
  • Matching a tie and shirt with contrasting patterns (such as checks and stripes) but with similar scales (i.e., small checks with thin stripes)

Final Words

Hopefully, this guide on how to match a tie to a shirt can help you improve your style almost instantly. Venturing into bolder options certainly has its benefits in terms of making your style shine, but the chances of messing it up are also greater than with other options. Something to keep in mind is to avoid similar style patterns with similar scales because that can look bland.

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