Best Anti Social Social Club T-Shirts to Buy: Slick Surf 👔

anti social social club hoodie

Anti Social Social Club tees are pieces of streetwear by a brand that was created in 2015 to highlight challenges caused by mental health issues among people of various ages and backgrounds. That said, this brand appealed particularly to millennials because it enabled them to express some relatable thoughts and ideas without uttering a word. Eventually, the brand itself came to become the identification of a certain take on loneliness, isolation, and mental health problems. So, if you want to join the club, and be bold with what you have to say through your clothes, then check out these tees. 

CPFM Tee in White


For only $64, you can get your hands on a white tee that was produced during a collaboration with another streetwear brand, Cactus Plant Flea Market (CPFM). The shirt includes the logos of both brands under the word “foreshadow,” written in cursive. The product is, of course, brand new and completely authentic. Moreover, the good thing about this product is that it’s still priced close to the retail value, which is rather rare in the aftermarket.

Oceans Tee in Blue 


While you’ll find many Anti Social Social Club tees in black or white, there are also some great bright-colored ones. Take this ocean blue tee, for example. It’s bright and lively—the perfect backdrop for displaying countries’ flags for a celebration of international unity. At $86, the price is rather high for a tee, but you should get it now while the price volatility is only at 10%. 

Chatsworth Tee in Yellow


If you enjoy self-deprecating humor and aren’t afraid of wearing attire that has expletives on it, then this “f*** my feelings” tee is worth considering. The tee is completely in yellow and has the phrase printed in black for great contrast. Moreover, the fact that the font of the text has a swirling motion could possibly indicate some insincerity to that statement—i.e., what is the basis of self-deprecating humor. However, you will have to pay a considerably high price for this one ($169). That said, it’s a tee that’s high in demand, so you may not find a much better deal. Also, you may have to act quickly.

Fragment Pink Bolt Tee in Black

The final one of the Anti Social Social Club tees in this article is for those of you who like to be a bit subtle with the way you express your thoughts through attire. This black tee has the Anti Social Social Club logo on the left chest with a pink lightning bolt over it. So, when you wear this shirt, you’ll surely make it clear to others around you about your stance on some sentiments this company focuses on, but you won’t be throwing it in people’s faces.

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