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We love to curate life lessons and street culture advice here at Slick Motive. Learning from wise people that have plenty of life experience, ups and downs is key. The wisdom they have is essential information that needs to be passed down to each generation of humans! Keanu Reeves is definitely one of these well-respected people of the 21st century. Keanu Reeves was always adored by fans around the world, but it wasn’t until 30 years into his career with the hit movie series John Wick that the Matrix star became an overnight sensation. He’s everywhere these days. Be it on internet forums like Reddit, news sites like the Daily Feed, and even the video gaming industry when the eccentric star took to the stage at E3 in early 2019.

What are the factors that contributed to his success and how can the average Joe command gargantuan levels of fame? Here’s our two cents on how you can become a swashbuckling internet sensation like Keanu Reeves.

1. Overcome Crippling Life Difficulties

This tip is probably not what you had in mind, but bear with us for a moment. Keanu evolved into a magnificent human being over the years, but his childhood was far from ideal. He lived a life of instability throughout his childhood and teenage years. His father abandoned their family. He had dyslexia, which contributed to his poor performance in academia. His girlfriend died in a car crash 18 months after giving birth to a stillborn.

Unlike other people who sunk into their painful backgrounds and gave up on hope, Keanu took inspiration from his upbringing and found stability through sheer perseverance.

So what’s the secret sauce to success? When life kicks you down, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and stand tall. Most of us will begin our journeys on rocky grounds, but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel – you just have to believe in yourself…. like Keanu.

2. Being Super Generous

Let’s get one thing straight: Keanu is kind, generous, and empathetic. His selfless actions are well-documented: one only needs to type “Keanu + Kind” on Google to see how. Remember that one time when he gave away his seat to a lady on the subway, or that other instance when he spent time with a homeless guy on the streets of West Hollywood? Do you know any homeless people to hang out with?

3. Humble Is the Name of the Game

Keanu is humble and down-to-earth. Just take one cursory glance at the popular Reddit KeanuBeingAwesome to get glimpses of Keanu hanging out with everyday people. Even though he’s the nicest guy around, Keanu doesn’t appreciate the label of ‘nice guy’ – that’s straight up humble. Check out this video below to see Keanu visibly cringing at the interviewer lavishing compliment after compliment:

That’s your cue. Be humble and never gloat about your successes.

4. Take the Lead Role in Iconic Movies

Anyone reading this listicle saw this coming from a mile away. To become super popular, you need to take up the lead role in iconic movies like The Matrix, Speed, Point Break, and of course, John Wick. Or… you could try becoming the POTUS, but there’s a high chance you’ll end up being a divisive figure. Sports and music can also do the trick – just look at Lionel Messi.

5. You’ve Got to Look Great

Keanu maintains a chiseled frame with an emphasis on aesthetic proportions and leanness. He can almost always be seen sporting a shaggy beard and rugged long hair, an unconventional style that manages to look perfect on Keanu.

In other words, Keanu is easy on the eyes. And people get behind a person who’s a 10 out of 10 when it comes to aesthetics. Looking like a Greek god has less to do with your ‘genes’ and more to do with hitting the gym and eating a balanced, well-controlled diet.

So there you have it – a low-down on why Keanu Reeves is one of the GOATs in many people’s eyes. Share your thoughts on our Facebook page!

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