Future Hobby Trends That You Should Try Out: Brain Bread 🍞

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If you have been feeling bored or frustrated lately, taking up some productive future hobbies might be all you need to reenergize. 

All work and no play isn’t how we do things. And you shouldn’t either. If you confine your life to a continuous cycle of work, earn, eat, and sleep, you are setting yourself on the road to burnout. 

With all the imbalances the pandemic has caused the previous year, drawing a boundary between work and life seems to have become harder than ever. Many of us are ‘waiting’ for the good part. But it’s important to remember that even with all the lockdowns, the world is still wide open with possibilities of creating and recreating yourself and the life you have always wanted to live. Rather than lounging or binge-watching your favorite show as a means of de-stressing, use any extra time for a creative hobby instead. 

Here, we list down some of the most productive futuristic hobbies that you should try out this year.

1. Work Your Green Thumb

Green Finger Plant Pots

With the stay-at-home advisory, many people have started growing their fruits and vegetables. And rightly so! It’s a brilliant way to experience the garden-to-table goodness and have fresh produce whenever you need it. Plus, gardening has many amazing benefits for your physical as well as mental health. Whether you have a large backyard or just a tiny space in your apartment balcony, consider planting some greens. 

2. Play a Musical Instrument

Man playing the Guitar

No, creating mixes on GarageBand doesn’t make the cut. It’s playing a real musical instrument that we are talking about.

Playing musical instruments stimulates specific parts of your brain as you learn the notes, move your hands, and feel the symphonies drift through the air. Not only does this spark creativity, but it also helps boost memory and sharpen your analytical and fine motor skills. Scientists believe that playing musical instruments promotes new connections between the right and left hemispheres of our brain. This activity enhances cognitive function and can, therefore, encourage personal growth and improve emotional health. 

3. Go Canyoneering

man standing atop a mountain

You might have gone hiking a couple of times before. But can you imagine hiking with a harness, helmet, and appropriate rope systems? That’s pretty much what canyoneering involves. From climbing and reverse-climbing to rappelling, rafting, and more, canyoneering can help you quench your thirst for adventure. If travel restrictions have been lifted in your area, this is an exhilarating outdoor hobby you must try.


The pandemic has changed our lifestyle, and this is evident from some of the common hobbies people are taking up to relax and de-stress. If you want to give yourself a mental break, make sure to try one or all of the popular hobbies of tomorrow mentioned above. However, if you feel these hobbies are not for you, try plenty of other activities, such as photography, podcasting, learning a new language, restoring furniture, and online trading, to name a few. 

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