SADEVILLAIN โ€“ Beauty and the Beast: The Collab Lab ๐Ÿ”—

Some combinations are unassumingly a match made in heaven like peanut butter and bacon or broccoli and cheetos (try it, seriously it will blow your mind). On this occasion, a crazy alien going by the name of seanh2k11 played master chef with God-like vision and paired two of my favorite artists that are worlds apart yet musically two halves of the same soul (pun intended).

Seanh2k11 mashed up Sade and MF Doom in a mixtape tastefully dubbed SADEVILLAIN. In true beauty and the beast fashion, Sade lays her hypnotic vocals on the smooth jazzy beats and Doom’s distinct husk coupled with his ear heeding flow makes thisย an easy favorite for lounging.

With the internet quite rightly going haywire over the hype generated by the SADEVILLAINย mixtape, most MF Doom fans know that this is not the first time this pairing has blessed the airwaves. In 1999 MF Doom sampled Sade’s Kiss of Life on a track called Doomsday off his Operation Doomsday debut album. Even back then, the collaboration was evidence that this English pair was truly something special.


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